Wyoming Guest Ranches: Specialized Horseback Rides

Wyoming Guest Ranches offer many different kinds of horseback rides, and the Gros Ventre River Ranch is no exception! In addition to morning and afternoon rides of different levels, we offer a picnic ride, all day ride, breakfast ride, and team sorting and penning!

Lucy Hill Lunch Ride – This ride typically takes place on Tuesday.  Guests will have the choice of leaving the barn at 9am for either an advanced ride, intermediate ride or beginning ride or leaving the barn at 10am for a walking ride up to Lucy Hill.  For those who don’t ride horses, you may choose to ride in the Suburban.  All guests will eat lunch away from the ranch.

All-Day Rides – We offer these later in the course of a weekly Sunday to Sunday stay with us.  The rides are long so be prepared to be a little sore when you get home! There is a break at lunchtime to eat, relax and generally lay around a little.  Because these are long days in the saddle and usually a lot of climbing involved for the horses do not expect these rides to be very fast in nature.  A worn out stumbling horse is not safe on a mountain trail. 

Breakfast Ride – We offer this one morning in the course of a weekly Sunday to Sunday stay with us.  The ride leaves very early from the barn and is walking only, in hopes of viewing wildlife.  After approximately an hour and a half of riding, we will stop beside the Gros Ventre River and have a hot breakfast.  After we eat, the ride will continue on to the barn, about a ten minute ride.

Team Penning/Team Sorting – This is usually offered during our Peak Season and takes place later in the week.  This is for those that would like to try to round up cows (steers) in our arena.  The object is to get the steers into a small pen in the arena. We make teams of four and the team with the fastest time wins!

Horseback riding at the Gros Ventre River Ranch is great fun for the whole family ~ visit Wyoming Guest Ranches for the vacation of a lifetime!

Riding Across the GV Pasture at a Wyoming Guest Ranch

Wrangler Ben taking out an all-day ride!

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