Why Should We Visit a Wyoming Guest Ranch?

Evenings by the Campfire at the Gros Ventre River Ranch

It has been awhile since the world has been encouraged to take their families on a “dude ranch” vacation. Long gone are the days of John Wayne or the Lone Ranger –even the movie City Slickers is a distant memory. So for us in the dude ranching industry, what are we doing to get our name “out there” and express the benefits of vacationing on a guest ranch?  It is all about our guests. Guests that come to our ranch will be provided with good quality accommodations, food, horses and activities. But most of all, they will be treated like one of the family. In this day in age of texting, emailing and indirect/non-intimate communication, we are amazed to see our guests relish in the face to face interaction and authentic attention that guest rancher’s provide. Evenings around a campfire…just talking and listening. Knowing your children’s birth date; knowing that you just had a loss in your family; knowing that you bought a new house; knowing that you are allergic to peanuts or don’t like lamb; or knowing that you count down the days from the moment you leave our ranch until the day you will arrive next year.  These are things that bond us together.  These are the things that matter and evidence to the fact that guest rancher’s care about what they are doing and how they are doing it.  And these are the things that hopefully keep our guests talking about their ranch experience to their friends, their co-workers and people that are wondering where to go for their next vacation.  So…choose to visit a guest ranch in the near future and hopefully, the hospitality and genuine consideration that you will receive from us will make you feel that you made the right decision. ( True Grit, Buck and the fact that Modern Family will be filming on a guest ranch in Jackson Hole this summer might help too)!

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