Wyoming Dude Ranches: A Day in the Life of a Wrangler

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of Wyoming Dude Ranches? We gave our wranglers the task of documenting a day in their shoes ~ keep reading for an exclusive look into a day in the life of a Gros Ventre River Ranch wrangler!

Our wranglers wake up early to run the horses in (one of their favorite jobs!) This entails riding out into the turnout pasture, and herding the horses up towards the barn. Once the horses are in, wranglers begin catching horses they need for the day, brushing, and saddling.

Wyoming Dude Ranches ~ Horses at the Gros Ventre River Ranch

Guests arrive at the barn for their rides, and wranglers organize the rides, check cinches, and rides depart!

Rides travel all over the valley, and guests are treated to beginner, intermediate, and advanced rides in places such as West Ridge, Weenie Hill, Ranch Overlook, Hay Fields, and more.

Guest rides return to the barn for lunch (unless we lunch at picturesque Lucy Hill), and wranglers grab a bite before afternoon rides go out.

Gravel Peak

Once guest rides are all in for the day, barn chores begin. Guests are more than welcome to join in these chores!

After chores are done, our wranglers will sometimes head out on solo rides, take staff for rides, doctor cattle, or “horse” around the barn.

Doctoring Cattle at Wyoming Dude Ranches

The Gros Ventre River Ranch offers many different kinds of horseback rides, and our wranglers love taking guests out to explore new territory, work on their horsemanship and more! Contact us for more information about Wyoming Dude Ranches!

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