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Guest Ranch in Jackson Hole Videos Part 2

Visiting a guest ranch in Jackson Hole is fun for families, friends, and singles. For the second post in our Guest Video series, we highlight a video taken by a group of girlfriends who visited the ranch in 2011. This video gives new visitors a look into a typical week in ranch life, from our amazing food, to our scenic rides, cattle work, and more! See our first video here: Gros Ventre River Ranch Vacation Stay tuned for more guest videos from our guest ranch in Jackson Hole!

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Wyoming Dude Ranches: A Day in the Life of a Wrangler

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of Wyoming Dude Ranches? We gave our wranglers the task of documenting a day in their shoes ~ keep reading for an exclusive look into a day in the life of a Gros Ventre River Ranch wrangler! Our wranglers wake up early to run the horses in (one of their favorite jobs!) This entails riding out into the turnout pasture, and herding the horses up towards the barn. Once the horses are in, wranglers begin catching horses they need for the day, … Continue reading

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