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Jackson Hole Guest Ranch Fun Facts

Our Jackson Hole Guest Ranch is located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a place rich with history and beauty. Listed below are our favorite fun facts about the area! Yellowstone, created in 1872, was the first national park to be created in the United States. Over 15 feature films have been filmed in Jackson, including “Shane,”” Spencer’s Mountain,” “Any Which Way You Can,” and recently, “Django Unchained.” The town of Jackson elected the first all-women city council in 1920. Yellowstone National Park has over 10,000 active thermal features. Jackson Hole was … Continue reading

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Jackson Hole Guest Ranch Horse Biographies: Part One

At our Jackson Hole Guest Ranch, we believe that great horses are just as important as great people! We pride ourselves on the incredible 80 horses that make up our herd. Recently, we traveled over to Dubois to visit our horses where they spend the winter.  They work incredibly hard for the duration of the summer, so it’s great to see them resting up during the off season. Here are biographies on some of our great horses! Arapaho, Cooper, Utah, and Daisy– These four horses came all the way to the … Continue reading

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Our Dude Ranch from a Guest’s Perspective: The Gros Ventre River Ranch

I hear the ringing of the bell, telling me it is time for dinner. I am excited to see what the chef has prepared to eat tonight. The aroma coming from the kitchen tells me that it will be delicious, again. I hear the clinking of the glasses, each guest happy to be together, toasting their wine glasses in celebration of their shared experience on the ranch so far. Conversation is buzzing. Some are talking about the ride they took today; some are talking about their white water trip they … Continue reading

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