Spring Cleaning on the Dude Ranch

Happy Spring Everyone!

As it does for most, spring on the Dude Ranch means there is a lot of cleaning to be done, and we are diving in!  Let us walk you around the opening of the ranch as we prepare for the arrival of our first guests ~

The Lodge ~

Our 34-year-old Main Lodge has been practically empty since the fall, and has housed extra chairs, tables, and deck furniture. As the snow thaws, we are able to uncover the outside stairs and doorways, open the shades, and move our pine & rawhide rocking chairs to their comfortable place on the front deck.

Our main office also gets some sprucing as all the new inventory begins to arrive! Restocked with hats, mugs, and of course plenty of riding gloves, we count, organize, and store each item in preparation. Check out our online store to get an idea of what we have to offer!

GV Store

Inventory is underway!

Staff Rooms~

Before we welcome our firsts guests, we welcome a great group of employees! With the lodge open and ready, we prepare staff rooms and get everyone settled in.

The Barn ~

Finally free of snow drifts, we can get into our barn, and the first step is dusting. After we get the shelves, counters, walls, and saddles cleaned off, we need to put everything back in its place. Next, we check for any broken water lines, set up water troughs for the horses, order grain and hay, and fix the fence rails knocked down by winter wildlife. After all of this, we bring our herd of horses back to the Ranch.

After spending a winter out on pasture, there is a lot that we need to do with each of them. Spring cleaning on a dude ranch means cleaning the horses also! Every horse gets brushed and gets new shoes for the summer. Then, they can be saddled, and each gets taken on a ride.

Time for dinner!

The Trails ~

Part of spring on a dude ranch is not only getting the ranch ready but riding our trails and clearing debris from the winter. With miles of trails to clear fallen trees from, this is a great opportunity for our new wranglers to learn the area!

Our Accommodations ~

The last to open up, it is all hands on deck to make sure our cozy guest accommodations are welcoming.

With hammocks hung, deck furniture facing the breathtaking view, and a personal welcome to each of our guests, we will begin our 33rd season of operation here at the Gros Ventre River Ranch! We look forward to seeing all of you in a few short months!

Front Porch of the Main Lodge

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