Perks of Visiting Jackson Hole Guest Ranches: Wildlife Sightings Abound!

For many people in the United States and beyond, wildlife is not present in everyday life~ a deer sighting here, a hawk sighting there, and many, many squirrel sightings everywhere, all the time. There are many Jackson Hole Guest Ranches here in the valley. The Gros Ventre River Ranch is unique in that it’s secluded location provides a different view of this beautiful and diverse world in which we live, where wildlife are an integral part of our daily lives, and are a constant reminder that humans make up only a small part of Big Sky Country.

In the summertime, our guests are likely to run into many different kinds of wildlife here on our Jackson Hole guest ranch, and off the ranch as well. Many of our guests are held up on the drive to the ranch by “bison roadblocks,” where the bison amble across the road, babies in tow. At breakfast in our beautiful main lodge, it is not uncommon to see moose

Jackson Hole Guest Ranches offer spectacular wildlife viewing

Jackson Hole Guest Ranch: Bison roaming the plains near the Gros Ventre River Ranch

strolling through the ranch, visiting one of our many salt licks. Last summer alone we had guests see black bears, moose, bison, pronghorn, a coyote and her three cubs, bald eagles, ospreys, and more on horseback rides alone!

In the wintertime, many of the wildlife hunker down, and don’t appear until spring. However, others seem to sense the emptiness of the valley, and are easier to spot as they meander the wide open plains underneath the Tetons. In the wintertime, the elk flood the Jackson Hole valley, and stay until spring. Moose appear by the town of Kelly on the way to the ranch, and it’s always fun to see them out there grazing. Wolves roam the Gros Ventre range, and although it is hard to spot them, we can hear them howling at night, a constant reminder that there are lots of animals around us that we don’t even see.

A young bull moose at the ranch in the winter

A young bull moose at the ranch in the winter

Whether you decide to visit Jackson in the wintertime for world class skiing, or you come stay with us at our Jackson Hole Guest Ranch for a week or two in the summer, you are almost guaranteed amazing wildlife sightings!

Check out our wildlife album for more great pictures of animals here on the ranch!

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