Meet Our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch Dogs

We have some of the most wonderful four legged creatures here at the Gros Ventre River Ranch, and now we would like to give you all the chance to meet our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch dogs! We feel so lucky to have five of the best dogs in the world. They are all unique and wonderful in their own ways and bring joy to our staff and guests alike.

Meet Our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch Dogs


First, we have Wyatt, our 15-year-old Border Collie who is a loyal companion to the McGough family. He knows the ins and outs of the ranch better than anyone, and can often times be found napping in the shade. Although his working days are done, when he gets up and moving, a good game of fetch brings a huge smile to his handsome face. He is an iconic member of our ranch family, and we love him dearly.

Meet Our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch Dogs

Sofie and Ash

Sofie and Ash are our Australian Cattle dog mixes. These sisters belong to the lovely Brooke and Braidyn McGough, and have acquired the nickname “The Puppies” even though they are now five years old. The two dogs and their girls can be found out on the trails with their horses, swimming at the ponds, or playing in the yard. Whether Sofie and Ash are working or playing they are always moving fast and wagging their tails!

Meet Our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch Dogs


The next member of our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch dog pack is Huck, our 6-month-old puppy who Adriene Henderson rescued off the Wind River Reservation this spring. We believe that he is a German Shepard and Labrador mix, but your guess is as good as ours! He has settled into ranch life incredibly well, making friends everywhere he goes. He can be found romping around with the horses and cows, playing fetch with his dog friends, greeting guests on the front porch, and of course with his sidekick Sadie.

Meet Our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch Dogs


Last but not least is sweet Sadie, our newest addition. She is a Labrador puppy that belongs to our wonderful owner Tina Weber. She brings a smile to everyone she meets, and her full body wiggle causes laughter all over the ranch. Her favorite hobby is playing with Huck, whether they are running circles around yard, wrestling, playing tug-a-war, or going on an adventure, these two are inseparable. Sadie is currently working on her boat skills so she can accompany Tina on river fishing trips!

These five dogs bring their owners, our staff and our guests great joy. The Gros Ventre River Ranch wouldn’t be the same without the, and we hope that you will come see us soon and meet our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch dogs!

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