Wyoming Guest Ranches ~ Wildlife Sightings

Visits to Wyoming Guest Ranches afford guests magnificent wildlife sightings, ranging from bald eagles to moose to bighorn sheep. However, one of our favorite animals to spot are the black bears that stop by the ranch from time to time!Black Bear Sighting atWyoming Guest Ranches, courtesy of J. York

This fall, we have had an adolescent cinnamon black bear decide to make the ranch his home, and we don’t blame him! The Gros Ventre River Ranch boasts incredible scenery, an intimate setting, delicious food and more, and there’s no doubt in our minds that he loves the ranch for the same reasons that we do.

Our cinnamon black bear has stopped in at the Main Lodge, the McGough’s house, as well as at the barn and staff housing. His tracks are visible in the snow, and the McGough’s caught him on their steps early one morning! Needless to say, the ranch dogs are not pleased, and the horses would prefer for our visitor to move on to his winter quarters, but we love that visits to Wyoming Guest Ranches allow our guests to see black bears every now and again.

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