Jackson Hole Guest Ranch Horse Biographies: Part One

At our Jackson Hole Guest Ranch, we believe that great horses are just as important as great people! We pride ourselves on the incredible 80 horses that make up our herd.

Recently, we traveled over to Dubois to visit our horses where they spend the winter.  They work incredibly hard for the duration of the summer, so it’s great to see them resting up during the off season. Here are biographies on some of our great horses!

Arapaho, Cooper, Utah, and Daisy– These four horses came all the way to the ranch from California last summer. They are all on the smaller side, which is one of the many reasons they are all great kids horses!  They are still getting used to the Gros Ventre River Ranch terrain but with a bit more time they will be ready to teach kids the basics of western riding!

Arapaho, Cooper, Utah and Daisy at our Jackson Hole Guest Racnh

Arapaho, Cooper, Utah and Daisy hangin’ out at winter pasture


Eagle and Tuff-Eagle is an older horse who is great for beginners. He is loving and gentle, but will try and eat any chance he gets! Tuff is a handsome colt who made his debut on the trails this past summer. Although he is solely a wrangler horse at the moment, he will one day be ready for our advanced guests. For now he is an oversized puppy with lots to learn!

Eagle and Tuff

Eagle and Tuff grabbing a quick bite

Bear Bait-He is a special colt who holds a dear place at the Gros Ventre River Ranch. He was orphaned at birth, but with a bit of extra love and care, he is growing to be a great young horse. Although he is too young to ride, he is full of energy and ready to work! He is going to be a fun and exciting horse when the time comes!

Bear Bait

This picture really shows Bear Bait’s quirky personality!

Here at the Gros Ventre River Ranch, we have horses ranging from 3 to 30 years old, ponies to drafts, gentle to exciting, as well as a wide variety of breeds. During your stay at our Jackson Hole Guest Ranch, we will work with you to find a great horse to match your personality and riding desires!

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