Jackson Hole Dude Ranch: Winter Pasture

As many of our guests know, the horses at our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch head to Dubois for the winter, where the temperatures stay balmy and the snow doesn’t stick. The last of the horses left the ranch two weeks ago, and they all arrived healthy and ready for their vacation! Sean and Tori recently took a drive to visit them, and were happy to report that the horses looked better than ever. Their favorite sight was watching horses Ghost and Steel running around with mud all over their faces (see picture below.)  Tori took some wonderful pictures that we wanted to share here~ enjoy!

Our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch horses "messing around!"

The horses were having so much fun in the mud!


Winter pastured horses at our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch

Queen and Bam have definitely been doing some eating in the their free time…

As you can see, our horses are fatter and happier than ever (especially Queen and Betty “Bam!”) We miss the horses at our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch in the wintertime, but it’s wonderful to know they are being cared for so well, and are thoroughly enjoying their “off season” time!

horses at winter pasture

Until next time!

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