Jackson Hole Dude Ranch Horse Biographies: Part Two

Many special bonds are formed at our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch ~ the guests get to know our wonderful staff, kids and adults alike make friendships that last beyond the ranch, and our guests get to meet and get to know the animals that we share this land with. The bond between horse and rider has to be one of the most incredible bonds to watch develop, so we like to keep our guests updated on the horses they ride even after they’ve left the Gros Ventre River Ranch!

Roany is truly one of the greats! He is the type of horse that is ready and willing to do anything you ask. He is very gentle and a pleasure to ride. He is also great for all cow work!

Roany, one of the many horses our guests can ride at our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch

Dixie, Little Pig, and Laredo-These are three of our sorrel paints and each are wonderful in their own way. Dixie has been a wrangler horse for the past few years but is ready to show guests the trails! Little Pig is Karl’s horse, and he takes great care of our owner. Last, but not least, Laredo is a wonderful all around horse. He is slowing down a bit with age which makes him great for riders of all abilities. He is also great for roping and other cow work!


At our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch, we love watching our horses bond with our guests, and vice versa!

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