Jackson Hole Dude Ranch ~ Happy New Years!

Happy New Year from our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch!

As Sean and I enter our 14th year managing the ranch, we are continually thankful for Karl and Tina’s vision for the Gros Ventre River Ranch.  For those of you who do not know how this place came to be, I will give you a quick recap. After years of sharing ownership in a guest ranch in Jackson Hole, Karl and Tina sold their interest to their partner and started looking for a ranch of their own. Separately, they each came across a beautiful piece of property on the Gros Ventre River called the Flying V, and reported back to each other that they had found the “perfect place.”  As providence would have it, they were talking about the same place! With a little coercing and a lot of discussion, Karl was able to convince Roy and Becky Chambers to sell the Flying V to Tina and him. Thus, in 1987, the Gros Ventre River Ranch opened its doors to guests.

I tell this history of the ranch because it marks the beginning of a treasured place where we continually experience one of the most important aspects of humanity…the feeling of being connected, of being “part of something.”  These days, the term “connected” conjures thoughts of WIFI, the internet, cell phones and iPads. However, as important as these things have become in our lives, the Gros Ventre River Ranch is designed to connect you in a different way. It is an opportunity to be connected to nature, to wildlife and to one another. It is the chance to feel the majesty of the scenic Bridger-Teton National Forest and to feel the rush of adrenaline while loping your horse through IWW. It is the feeling of the warmth of the campfire on your face and in your soul, of sharing a beautiful evening under the stars among people that have come to the ranch in search of the same thing.

Campfire at our Jackson Hole Dude Ranch

This is the vision that Karl and Tina had 26 years ago. They saw a place where they could share their love of Jackson Hole, horses, fishing and hiking. But most importantly, they saw a place where they could engage with their guests. Happily, they continue to rejoice in their shared experiences with all of you.  You have given so much meaning to this place they call home, and the place where they feel connected to something bigger than just a piece of land or a business. This is their avenue to feeling “part of.”  So it is with great respect and gratitude that Karl and Tina thank you for choosing to be a part of the Gros Ventre River Ranch and they invite you all to come back, get on a horse or put your line in the water and re-connect.

From Tori and Sean and all the GVRR Staff,

Happy Trails!

The Gros Ventre River Ranch Gates
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