Grand Teton Wildlife Sightings at the GVRR

We have had many Grand Teton wildlife sightings at the Gros Ventre River Ranch in the last few weeks. The moose, deer, bison, and antelope have been out and about trying to enjoy the last bits of warm weather.Grand Teton Wildlife Bison Sighting

Jackson Hole Dude Ranch Antelope SightingDuring the next few weeks we can expect to see elk migrating by the thousands through the valley to the National Elk Refuge where they will spend the cold winter months. Other members of the Grand Teton wildlife family will embrace the snow and continue to visit us often. We even hear the occasional wolf howling in the hills above our barn!Jackson Hole Guest Ranch Elk Sighting

Whether you see a bald eagle soaring overhead during a horseback ride, or a moose wanders up to your guest accommodation to say hello, the diverse animal population helps keeps things extra exciting around the Gros Ventre River Ranch. Our Jackson Hole Guest Ranch is a wonderful place to experience the Grand Teton wildlife!

Grand Teton Wildlife Moose Sighting
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