Exploring the Gros Ventre on Your Wyoming Dude Ranch Vacation

There are many exciting parts of the state to visit when on a Wyoming dude ranch vacation, and many of them are located in Jackson Hole. Just 18 miles from the town of Jackson lies the Gros Ventre, an area known for its beautiful rock formations, abundant wildlife, gorgeous views of the Tetons, mountain lakes and more! The Gros Ventre River Ranch is located in the Gros Ventre, and there are many sites to explore in our part of the valley. Listed below are just some of the treasures within minutes of the ranch:

Kelly Warm Springs: (2.7 miles from the Gros Ventre River Ranch) These warm springs afford fantastic views of the Teton range, and stay at a comfortable 81 degrees. They are shallow enough for kids to swim in.

The warm springs are a 3 minute drive from the Gros Ventre River Ranch

The warm springs are a 3 minute drive from the Gros Ventre River Ranch

Shane Cabins: (2 miles from the Gros Ventre River Ranch) Built in 1918 on original homesteaded property, these cabins were later used for a stampede scene for the movie Shane, filmed in 1953.

The Shane Cabins are located close to the Gros Ventre River Ranch, which offers all inclusive Wyoming dude ranch vacation packages

Bison grazing near the Shane Cabins

Grand Teton National Park Border (1 mile from the Gros Ventre River Ranch): Grand Teton National Park was founded by Congress in 1929, and the present day boundaries were established in 1950.

Slide Lake Beach (2 miles from the Gros Ventre River Ranch): Slide Lake Beach is a small sandy beach on Lower Slide Lake. To access, turn right on Taylor Ranch Road (dirt road), and follow past the small bridge. Very limited parking is on the left and right. Parking is also available at the turnout at the top of the road.

Slide Lake/Gros Ventre Slide Overlook (2.5 miles from the Gros Ventre River Ranch): This overlook looks over Lower Slide Lake, as well as the Gros Ventre Slide. The slide occurred in 1925, in which a section of land 2,000 feet wide and a mile long slid into the valley, creating Slide Lake. In May 1927, the dam broke, causing a wall of water to flow into the neighboring town of Kelly.

These are just a few ideas of places to visit in the beautiful Gros Ventre region of Jackson Hole. Need more ideas? Visit our website for more information on activities in the valley, activities offered at the ranch, and information on booking your next Wyoming dude ranch vacation!

Fly Fishing at the Gros Ventre River Ranch

A magestic view of the Tetons from the Gros Ventre River Ranch

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