Diversified Horseback Riding in Jackson Hole

Searching for a once in a lifetime experience horseback riding in Jackson Hole?  Look no further! Here at the Gros Ventre River Ranch, we offer many different kinds of horseback rides, each tailored to provide a unique experience for our guests.


Our beginning rides are tailored for individuals who would like to learn the basics of horseback riding in Jackson Hole. These rides take place more mild terrain, during which riders can gain a good feel for their horse while walking. The beginning rides are also a great way to see the amazing landscapes at a leisurely pace!

Intermediate rides at the Gros Ventre River Ranch are similar to our beginning rides, except they take place on a bit more challenging terrain and give riders the opportunity to trot. Trotting is quicker than the walk, and is a two beat gait. At a trot, it is best to post in your saddle, or stand up in your stirrups.  To post, you rise up a little from your saddle and rotate your pelvis forward on every other beat in rhythm with your horse.  If you prefer to stand up, put your weight on the balls of your feet and hang onto the horn to balance yourself.  In both cases, it is important to keep your heels down.  Remember, be flexible!

Stay tuned for information about our advanced rides, team penning and sorting and more general information about horseback riding in Jackson Hole!

Grab your family and go on an early morning horseback ride to spot wildlife
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