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    Work on a beautiful guest ranch located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, from the end of May to the beginning of October.  We are a small, well-established guest ranch known for its fine dining, breathtaking views and relaxed atmosphere that’s located 18 miles from the western town of Jackson, Wyoming at 7000 feet elevation. We provide competitive monthly salary, room and board and end of season bonus. Plus, you’ll gain the unforgettable work experience of a lifetime!

    Please note that it is very difficult to lose staff and hire and train new people to take their place while we are in the midst of our guest season.  Therefore, it is not an ideal situation for us and we tend to give precedence to those applicants that are available to work for the entire season (the end of May through the beginning of October.)

    A note on COVID-19: First of all, there is nothing more important to us than the health and safety of our guests and staff. In that regard, we are diligently revisiting all of our operating and safety procedures so that we can embrace a vigilant adherence to best practices for sanitation and disinfection, social distancing strategies, and proper PPE usage. We will of course comply with every aspect of government mandated curtailments and CDC recommendations at the time of operation and continue with our efforts throughout our guest season. We ask our staff to be willing, flexible, and diligent in supporting our efforts to provide a healthy ranch and place of well-being for everyone who stays with us in 2021.

  • - Wrangler


    Wranglers are responsible for the care of approximately 100 head of horses. Wranglers also prepare horses for, and guide daily trail rides for guests. For this job, previous horse experience is a necessity.

    While it is always crucial for wranglers to prioritize safety, they have the opportunity to have fun showing our guests the beautiful Western country. Wranglers are expected to have a Western look, be good with people, and gain knowledge of the ranch trails and the horse herd.

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  • - Maintenance / Fly Fishing Instructor

    Maintenance / Fly Fishing Instructor / Woodsman

    Our maintenance person is in charge of caring for the ranch buildings, grounds, and equipment. Maintenance also shuttles guests to and from the airport, so it is important that applicants have a license and a good driving record. Experience in construction, electrical, plumbing, or mechanics is a plus, but we are ultimately looking for someone with a good attitude who is excited to learn on the job.

    Our fly fishing instructor takes our guests of varying skill levels on fishing outings to the river and ponds. The instructor must be happy to spend time and share the sport of fly fishing with adults and children alike. When the fly fishing instructor is not fishing, they will assist our maintenance person with duties around the ranch (see above).

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  • - Kitchen Assistant Chefs

    Kitchen Assistant Chefs

    Responsibilities will vary and include meal preparation, salads, soups, sauces and appetizers. Prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for 20 staff members each day. Must provide special attention to plate presentation and grilled foods. Sous chef will assist head chef, help with inventory and maintain safe and healthy working environment. Will share the clean up responsibilities (i.e. pots and pans, kitchen cleanliness, etc.) with our head chef and pastry chef. This is a seasonal position available May 15-October 15. We provide competitive salary, room and board and end of season bonus.

    Responsibilities will vary and include baking of breads, pastries, cookies, pie and cakes from scratch for 40 guests and 20 staff members. Must provide special attention to presentation. Pastry chef will assist head chef and assistant chef with inventory and maintain safe and healthy working environment. Will share the clean up responsibilities (i.e. pots and pans, kitchen cleanliness, etc.) with our head chef and assistant chef. Our pastry chef will also be asked to assist our chefs with expediting meals. This is a seasonal position available May 15-October 15. We provide competitive salary, room and board and end of season bonus.

    The line cook’s job is to be a helping hand for the head chef. Duties include all aspects of meal preparation, service, and clean up for staff and guests. Food is a huge part of our guest experience, so it is important that our line cook’s take pride in their work. Food service experience is a plus.

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  • - Housekeeping / Wait Staff

    Housekeeping / Wait Staff

    The housekeeping/wait staff team consists of about eight individuals who rotate between jobs. Housekeepers are responsible for cleaning guest accommodations, as well as the main lodge. They are also in charge of laundering guest linens and executing the nightly turndown service. Our wait staff personnel are a team of 4-5 individuals. Wait staff duties include, but are not limited to– daily meal service for about 40 guests in the dining room and in the out of doors, setting up and breaking down before and after each meal, basic preparation for each meal (i.e. restocking salt and pepper shakers, making juices, filling sugar caddies, etc.), the making of sack lunches and maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen, staff dining room and guest dining room and bar area. Wait staff will be required to rotate between dishwashing duties throughout the week and help assist housekeeping staff when needed.

    Like the rest of the positions on the ranch, it is important for members of the wait staff/housekeeping team to enjoy meeting new people, and to have a genuine desire to add to the guest experience at our ranch.

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  • - Frequently Asked Questions

    Welcome to the Gros Ventre River Ranch application process!  We want to thank you for your interest in employment on our ranch and hope that you will find that the possibility of being an employee on the Gros Ventre River Ranch is one of the most exciting opportunities that you will ever have.  The following is some helpful answers to questions that you may have about employment on our ranch and the surrounding area of Jackson Hole.  After you have read through this FAQ page, you will find the link to the application for employment. Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you.

    How do you pronounce the name of the Ranch? 

    The Gros Ventre River Ranch:

    Gros Ventre is a French name that belonged to an Indian tribe, which resided here in the summer and is pronounced (Grow-Vaunt).

    What are the employment qualifications?

    Employment Qualifications:

    1. You must be able to submit proof of your identity and legal right to work in the United States.
    2. You must be 18 years of age and be willing to complete the season.
    3. You must be willing to accept and adhere to all Gros Ventre River Ranch regulations.
    4. You must have a positive service attitude while working.
    5. You must accept the number of hours and days deemed necessary by the ranch.
    6. Be willing to work a 6-day workweek.
    7. You must be willing to work on Saturdays, Sundays, religious holidays, national holidays and any shift if required.
    8. Must be willing to live in communal housing on the ranch.
    9. Be willing to maintain a neat appearance and be appropriately dressed and well groomed while working or when in contact with the guests.
    10. You must have respect for yourself, your co-workers, the guests, your job and the ranch at all times.

    I have submitted my application – how long until I hear from someone?

    Response time on your application:

    We usually begin our hiring process in December each year.  During the months of December, January and February, we receive most of our applications.  It will take us as little as a week or as long as two months to contact all of our applicants, depending on how early/late it is in the recruiting season.  If you applied online, you should receive an email from us immediately stating that we received your application and that you will be hearing from us. If we find that we are unable to use your services for employment for our season or that there are not any available positions, you will receive either a letter in the mail or via email thanking you for your time and interest.

    What does the phone interview entail?

    Initial phone interview process:

    If you qualify for any employment positions that are available for the season, we will phone you and conduct an informal interview.  The interview takes about 30 to 45 minutes.  During the interview, we will tell you a little about the ranch, but ask you to tell us a lot about yourself.  Be prepared to tell us why we should hire you!

    Where is the ranch and how do I get there?

    Travel Information:

    The ranch is located 18 miles from the town of Jackson, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  We are 15 miles from Grand Teton National Park and 45 miles from the entrance into Yellowstone National Park.  Travel to the ranch is at your own expense.  The nearest airport is the Jackson Hole airport, 15 miles from the ranch.  Delta, United and American Airlines fly into this airport. If you do fly into Jackson Hole, someone from the ranch will pick you up and take you back to the ranch.

    What is the staff housing like?

    Staff Housing:

    Room and board is provided to each employee, at no cost.  Our housing is dispersed throughout the property and on some occasions it is a 5-minute walk to our main lodge.  In most cases, rooms are not available for single occupancy and we do not have housing for couples.  Bathrooms are also shared with at least one or more persons. The ranch, at no extra cost, provides linens and towels.  We’re sorry, but we do not allow pets or firearms. The ranch will not be liable for loss of personal belongings.

    How often is Payday?


    The Gros Ventre River Ranch will distribute paychecks on the last day of each month.  Employee salaries are based on the job requirements and determined prior to being hired.  All employees are eligible for an end of season bonus based on their salary, job performance and length of time employed at the ranch. Any employee that does not fulfill his/her job agreement will not be eligible for a bonus.

    What are the requirements for personal appearance?

    Appearance requirements:

    We require that you maintain a clean and wholesome appearance while working here.  Visible tattoos, extreme hairstyles, makeup and clothing or facial jewelry is not acceptable.  Men should have groomed hair cut above the collar and neatly trimmed facial hair.  Women should have neatly groomed hair and pulled back when working.  The ranch expects all employees to practice good, personal hygiene at all times.

    What are the dress/clothing requirements?

    Dress Requirements:

    All staff members will be given a ranch t-shirt, polo shirt and/or western shirt to wear while working at certain events. Kitchen staff, waitpersons, housekeepers, office staff and maintenance staff are required to wear nice looking jeans and closed toed shoes at all times while working. Wranglers are required to wear long sleeved, button down shirts, jeans, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat while working.  It is not acceptable to wear t-shirts or baseball caps while on duty and please bring any tack of your own.  The Gros Ventre River Ranch is above 7000 feet in elevation.  The climate is cool at night and warm during the day, so plan accordingly. Ranch dress is casual and Western, but never sloppy or dirty.  We encourage all staff members to wear boots and a cowboy hat if you have them.

    What is there to do in Jackson Hole and on the ranch?


    This is a great area to experience the West.  On your time off you may want to go white water rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, fishing, hiking or visit the nearby National Parks.  Your opportunities are endless! We are located 18 miles from the town of Jackson.   Jackson has a weekly Rodeo and several western shops.  There is a Kmart and an Albertson’s in town. We are 12 miles from the nearest golf course and tennis club. Teton National Park is only minutes away, including Yellowstone Park at about 45 miles from the ranch. We suggest bringing your own vehicle if you would like to see sights off of the ranch.

    Are there laundry facilities on the ranch?

    Laundry Facilities:

    Staff Laundry Facilities are located on the ranch.  Complimentary use of machines and laundry detergent is provided and all employees are required to keep the areas neat and clean.

    Is there Internet access and/or cell phone service on the ranch?

    Email access and Telephone:

    The ranch has WiFi for your laptop.  The ranch will not provide an employee with the use of a computer.  Most cell phone companies will get a signal on some parts of the ranch, but not from every location.  Employees will have access to a landline phone during specified hours.  You will need a calling card or a credit card to make any long distance phone calls.

    How far away is the nearest Hospital?

    Medical Care:

    The nearest hospital is 18 miles, located in the town of Jackson.  Any prescriptions may be filled at Kmart or Albertson’s.  The ranch does not provide medical insurance.

    How far away is the nearest religious service?

    Religious Services:

    Services of varying denominations are available in the town of Jackson, 18 miles away.

    Can my friends or family come and visit me?


    Visitations of friends and family on your day off can be accommodated with authorization from the managers prior to their arrival. Because of liability concerns, friends and family members cannot participate in ranch activities unless they are registered guests. They can, however, join us for meals with prior approval and will be charged accordingly. Overnight guests of staff cannot be accommodated.